"Don't think for a moment that this tale of a woman's dying wishes is an uncomfortable read. No awkward squirming or agonising silences, just a wonderfully arousing and life affirming short story. Paige Thomas delivers yet again a hot, sensual and thigh-clenching tale." Amazon reviewer - Abbie Foxton

"I absoluely loved this book! It was short, sweet, HOT and totally brilliant!" Amazon reviewer - Aleks;)

"I did not know whether to cry or moan, it was just so good! I cannot wait to read more." Amazon reviewer - Cecilia

"Wow...I was truly hooked on every page from beginning to end and wanted this short tale to continue with its perfectly written details throughout!" Amazon reviewer - Debra Lane

"Very well written and had me hooked and ignoring everything around me within the first few paragraphs. Emotional, sensual, sexy. Everything I love to read." Amazon reviewer - Hannahbell

"Thomas, with her powerful storytelling voice, portrays the feelings of sadness and loss these characters are suffering. The sex is scorching hot and the palpable emotions their intimacy evokes touches on many levels" Amazon reviewer - Lori

"I love the way Paige writes. She is an incredible author. She is the one to watch for the next big thing in erotic novels." Amazon reviewer - Malia

"Please don't think this story is uncomfortable to read, it's not! The sex is hot and sensual. The chemistry between these two characters is perfect. A wonderful, touching story." Amazon reviewer - K Newell

"I LOVED it that I really didn't know who the bad guy was until the end of the book. Masterfully done!" USA Today Bestselling Author Arial Burnz

"Thomas has an incredible gift for building a story and her skill at writing passionate scenes, both physical and emotional, is second to none." Author Cameron Lincoln

"It was so different than any other book I've read...passion, suspense and every other crazy emotion, all wrapped up in this book." Amazon reviewer - Celene Campbell, California, USA

"The romance is mesmerizing, the love scenes quite sensual and there's a wonderful attention to detail that I really appreciated as a reader." Author Chris Khun

"Starstruck is an excellently written piece of romance with a generous drop of erotica." Author C.J. Heath

"Jesse is the embodiment of what we need in a rock god...strong and incredibly sexy, thanks to the author's impeccable writing." Amazon reviewer - Julie Foster, Merseyside, UK

"I won't give away the end, but...holy hell! I did not expect that to happen." Author K.M. Buckland

"This story literally jumped off the Paige and surrounded my very being." Author Lisa Fulham

"I really couldn't put this book down! A suspenseful twist in this steamy love story will keep you reading." Amazon reviewer - W. Yvonne McDaniel

"I have read this book twice and have loved it each time!" Author Zoey Hart

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